I Art You 78/83 at (Sub)Urban Home

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What makes a work of art pop? Color, for one thing.

When you walk into any gallery or museum the brightest thing in the room might catch your eye right away. And on Thursday night at (Sub)Urban Art, there were plenty of colors for visitors to feast their eyes on, thanks to I Art You 78/83. This collaboration, comprised of artist Lee Queza and creative director Daniel Calderon, exhibited its first solo show at the store to an Art Walk crowd. The duo’s works at the furniture store is it’s most recent series – the team plans on releasing several series all focusing on one theme. This show, as the title suggests, gave special attention to color. Each piece succeeded at blending colors in a way that makes otherwise static scenes into flowing pieces full of emotion. The series took a range of poses and viewpoints from single figures to couples and frontal views to profiles. Each piece looks like a beautiful explosion of color tamed with the right use of lines to achieve the right balance. Though the focus is color, the pieces also bring to light the results of adding new life to common scenes in artworks. Even two lovers leaning towards each other take on a new interpretation because their bodies are made up of swirls and patches of color. In the end, it’s the duo’s ability to make the ordinary a little more interesting that makes the show worth visiting. – Eva Recinos







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