Motorcycle Mania at Agenda Long Beach

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The aesthetics of cars and motorcycles are always tipping on the verge of fine art and are recently being more appreciated than ever before. Vehicles painted by Kenny Scharf and Keith Haring have shown up at the MOCA and the Oriol family exhibit at Carmichael Gallery was definitely amplified by all of the ridiculously tricked out lowriders that showed up to the opening reception. And while a trade show like AGENDA, where action sports brands preview their upcoming fashion lines, may not be the pinnacle of what one thinks about when they imagine fine art, it is still a great place to see fantastic installations.

As part of a special exhibition within the event at the Long Beach Convention Center, the lifestyle brand AlpineStars presented a selection of 10 different motocycles. Each one was meant to represent a distinct subculture within the two-wheeled world, which meant that the gamut ranged from scooters to crotch rockets and everything in-between. Also, I didn’t realize it until inspecting my photos again, but the bike pictured directly below this text with a gold fork is owned by none other than Orlando Bloom, star of the Pirates of The Caribbean films.





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