Miss Van and Alex Garcia at CoproGallery

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The main thing that connects the work of Miss Van and Alex Garcia  together are the wild amount of people who have their art permanently tattooed onto their bodies. For instance, I met one awesome artist/blogger at the opening reception to their exhibits at CoproGallery who drove all the way up from San Diego with her Miss Van accompanying her the entire journey since it was on her arm. And as for Alex, I’ve actually sat in on an entire session while he gave someone a fresh tat, details of which will be coming soon to the CARTWHEEL site. The gallery was packed and sweaty inside due to the extreme heat of the summertime Los Angeles night.

Miss Van presented a wonderful selection of works in her show “Wild At Heart” including a set of eyes and nothing more. These particular paintings expressed an insane amount of emotion, which may be why I was so drawn to them, although others really enjoyed her new horse-headed girls more. They seemed to be a step in a different direction for the artist, since they featured broader strokes and less refined details in everything except the face. It was almost as if they were frescoes on canvass.

While Miss Van may have an addiction to paintings girls wearing masks, Alex Garcia has one with small skulls. His works often have one hidden somewhere within their scenes. However, they aren’t creepy goth skulls, but rather homages to the ones that celebrate life within the tradition of Dia De Los Muertos.




















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