Bill Dambrova’s Worlds of Internal Wonder

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Bill Damborva‘s paintings feature wondrous battles that splash out from their canvasses in beautiful bold colors. However, it’s up to the viewer in regards to what exactly they’re witnessing. Are they paintings of guts vs. microbes or something else? To me, they are fantastic narratives of the magical processes that go on inside our bodies every single day, which are reinterpreted through the eyes of an artist rather then those of a scientist. That’s why elements within one of Dambrova’s paintings can be seen as either internal organs or organic bouquets. And I think staring at them also has a healing effect, since I observed as guests talked with him one on one about what they felt the work exemplified and how it made them feel more positive about certain conditions they had overcome and/or were currently facing. The work was on display inside of Sunny Bak Studios, which is set up like a home environment. So, it made for a refreshing take on how to experience an art show, since you could instantly envision what the paintings would look like if they were on your own walls. Not to mention, there was a live digeridoo player who performed various meditative chants through his instrument that literally made the wooden floors pulsate with positive energy.

Sunny Bak Studio
2214 Pacific Avenue
Venice, California 90291-4505
Please call for hours.

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