Steven Harrington at Known Gallery

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As young skateboarders and curious pedestrians roamed the sidewalk of Fairfax Avenue, Known Gallery prepared itself for its new show. Inside, sculptures, screenprints, shoes and more stood waiting for eager eyes and snapping cameras to fill the room. Steven Harrington‘s “InsideOut” didn’t disappoint gallery-goers on Saturday evening as they filled the room and took in the artist’s unique imagination. From piece to piece, Harrington’s playfulness really shone through, right from the giant ampersand sign in the middle of the room. Whether in bright colors or straight black-and-white, the pieces all came together to show Harrington’s penchant for humor and the tiki aesthetic.

The artist’s distinct cleverness was best appreciated through the pieces’ titles. Each group of works dealt with one idea–the first set were called ‘diamonds,’ another wall showed pieces all about balance, and the other two walls center around the themes of ‘magic tablets’ and ‘worship.’ The balance pieces were especially intriguing. In one piece, everything from bananas to the familiar ampersand stand in a delicate balance, while in another frame chaos ensues as all objects lean on each other haphazardly.

With a range of mediums and compositions strung together by fun and engaging themes, the works of “InsideOut” give viewers plenty to enjoy. A smaller room also contains Harrington’s work with Generic Surplus, including funky shoes available for purchase. On the final day, visitors will also be treated to the debut of a new collection designed by the artist – ijust another reason to check out a great show. “InsideOut” runs until September 1st.

“InsideOut,” Steven Harrington
Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Through September 1
Wednesday thru Saturday: 12 – 7pm
Sunday: 12 – 6pm



















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