“Haro” the Inaugural Exhibit at CHG Circa

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An unknowing passerby on Saturday night possibly mistook the long line on Washington Boulevard as the entrance to a club or bar. But the crowd in fact waited to enter CHG Circa, the new gallery opened by the Corey Helford Gallery a few doors down. Bouncers at CHG Circa let small amounts of people in at a time to view the artwork of artist Lola in her solo show, “Haro.”

With ornate frames and dream-like scenes, the thirteen new paintings displayed Lola’s knack for detail paired with a distinct artistic vision. The pieces ranged from relatively small to impressively large but no matter the size, Lola held onto her own style. Otherwise typical, everyday scenes like an outdoor picnic became something whimsical yet disturbing under the aesthetic of the artist. Each piece asked the viewer to let go a little–if you didn’t question too much why a giant owl head sat atop a woman’s body, you could take in Lola’s artistic finesse  and unique vision. Yet if you wanted to stand in front of the piece for longer, you could naturally create a myriad of interpretations. While the curving space made it difficult to take in the pieces without battling with the crowd, the pieces came together beautifully and kept your eyes traveling. Based on this first show, CHG Circa simply feels like an extension of CHG, and time will tell if the excitement of the first opening carries on to upcoming shows.

For now, you can experience Lola’s works until October 6th without the large crowd. Though aesthetically pleasing, the pieces are complex and don’t let you just stand there passively staring–they make you wonder exactly in what world these scenes could exist.


“Haro,” Lola
CHG Circa
8530-A Washington Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90232
Open Tuesday- Saturday: 12 – 6 p.m.







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