Dan Barry on his Taetrum et Dulce: Lux in Tenebris (Creepy and Sweet: Light in Darkness)

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“Taetrum et Dulce: Lux in Tenebris,” the group show at the lively Distinction Gallery in Escondido, Calif., showcases 30 Pop-Surrealist and Lowbrow artists from ten countries. The well-curated international survey is the co-effort of two curators: Dan Barry, the artist of Austin, Texas, and David Vecchiato, the Italian artist and Gallery Director of MondoPOP in Rome, Italy.

Punk band Grave Misfortunes played on the sidewalk in front of the gallery on opening night (Sept. 8). Only being shown once on U.S. soil, the show is powerful in a way that says, “Behold, a flowering butterfly nebula, b*tch.”

Dan Barry shares his insight about the rare group that makes up this special show:

DB: TAETRUM ET DULCE (translating to “Creepy and Sweet” or “Ugly and Delightful” in Latin) was first shown at MondoPOP in December 2011. It was the first co-curated show that I collaborated on with David Vecchiato. After the success of our first joint exhibition, David and I decided to travel TAETRUM ET DULCE to the United States – and give it the title TAETRUM ET DULCE: LUX IN TENEBRIS (“Lux en Tenebris” translates to “Light in Darkness”). We were happy to find a home for the show at Distinction Gallery in Escondido, CA, where I have shown several times before…Melissa and Sam at Distinction Gallery worked very hard to install the work in a way that made it look cohesive and compelling.

DN: What was your vision in curating the show?
DB: The goal of the show is to share artworks by a diverse group of artists whose personal visions and unique artistic styles resonate with David and myself. The TAETRUM artists come from 10 countries and include both established and emerging talents. Many of the artists that I invited to participate in the show are artists who I initially met online, after first being drawn to their artwork. I tend to favor well crafted figurative drawings and paintings that is either a bit creepy and/or a little cute – and often best when there is a balance of the two.With this show, I am most excited about having the opportunity and creative freedom to share the artworks of artists whose work I believe the world needs to see more of…

Through October 6
Distinction Gallery
317 E. Grand Ave.
Escondido, CA 92025
Tues.-Fri. 10am-6pm
Sat. 12-5pm

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  1. Dan Barry
    September 13, 2012

    Here is a link to all of the artworks in the show:

    TAETRUM ET DULCE: LUX IN TENEBRIS features artworks by: Marco About (Italy), Nicola Alessandrini (Italy), Ana Bagayan (USA), Dan Barry (USA), Felipe Bedoya (Columbia), Jana Brike (Latvia), Julian Callos (USA), Victor Castillo (Chile), Jaw Cooper (USA), Allegra Corbo (Italy), Edward Robin Coronel (USA), Alberto Corradi (Italy), Jason D’aquino (USA), Richard Frost (USA), Ale Giorgini (Italy), Jon Hanlan (Canada), Angelique Houtkamp (Netherlands), Charlie Immer (USA), Jittagarn Kaewtinkoy (Thailand), Tiffany Liu (USA), Macsorro (USA), Malojo (France), Apricot Mantle (USA), Chris Mars (USA), Jason Montinola (Philippines), Morg (Italy), Buddy Nestor (USA), Odö (France), Paola Sala (Italy), David Diavù Vecchiato (Italy), Jessica Ward (USA)


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