Venice Beach Contemporary – POP-UP EXHIBIT

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While I was cruising around the Venice Beach boardwalk one weekend in July,the 14th to be exact, I stumbled upon this house on the sand with a pop-up exhibit inside. The space was dubbed Venice Beach Contemporary and featured a variety of artists, including Alex Andre who was outside on the patio with his giant metamorphosis machine as well as panels by Leba and Chase — two street artists who often work around the area. Inside the house were interesting environments like a pitch black room with objects that glowed, an installation comprised of multiple 3D viewers, and a balcony that led to a spectacular view of the sand. However, I was nearly frightened half to death when I reached the base of the steps and saw the Tree Man walking down them. He’s a man that dresses like a tree and his costume is so complete that it makes him appear to be 8ft tall and have skin made out of bark. It’s quite scary to see in the dark coming down at you. But I survived and made it up the walk to take some pictures of kids who were breakdancing!



















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