Home Is Where The Needle Marks at POP TART GALLERY

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In July, artist Ellen Schinderman curated a two-part exhibit, “Home Is Where the Needle Marks” that culminated at POP tART GALLERY. POP tART’s owner, Phyllis Navidad, greeted my guest and me at the door with a giant hug — after which we found ourselves immersed in a world of inventive needlepoint and wonderful folks. The centerpiece of the show was a bed made entirely out of used tea bags, which were sewn together to form mock sheets and pillows. However, in a way, every piece stood out and demanded each viewer’s attention — from Mark Bieraugel’s giant blue dildo with KY spelled out in hidden letters around its borders to Yu Cotton-well’s conceptual embroideries dealing with communication. Ellen Schinderman gathered the artists in the exhibit from all over the country and did an incredible job at showcasing work that’s really taking the traditional art of needlepoint and pushing it forward into our modernized society.

Currently at POP tART: Celebrity Bath Salts.

POP tART Gallery
3023 W. 6th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90020

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