Melanie Rothschild “Pours with Purpose” at Fresh Paint Art

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This past Saturday night, Fresh Paint Art Gallery‘s neon sign glowed a few different colors, attracting groups of passersby. As they went inside the gallery’s doors, a group of hanging strips of variously colored paint greeted them. In all colors and patterns, the strips were only a taste of Melanie Rothschild‘s colorful work that comprises her solo show “Pours with Purpose,” up through October 16.

The cozy interior of the gallery presented many more variations on the first hanging piece, including a projection of a video showing paint being poured. Small pieces on the wall showed the same amount of detail as a large hanging piece that took up a small room and looked like a giant chandelier. The thin strips looked meticulously crafted, each piece making up a complex whole.

Fresh Paint also provided guests with an impressive array of food, keeping gallery-goers’ eyes and stomach equally content. Exploring the movement and color of paint might not be a new concept, but Rothschild’s pieces provide a myriad of designs to take in and remind us of the pure beauty of the right combination of movement and colors.

“Pours with Purpose” – Melanie Rothchild: Through October 16
Fresh Paint Art Gallery
5835 Washington Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90232
Open Monday – Saturday 10 am to 6 pm
(323) 931 – 5835


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