Cannibal Flower 12 Year Anniversary Celebration

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Cannibal Flower celebrated their 12th anniversary in grand style on Saturday, September 19 in their new location on the fourth floor of Hope and 12th in Downtown Los Angeles. Area parking was easy and plentiful, always a plus!


The event installation occupied three large rooms, a smaller area which includes a kitchen and a spacious hallway. Artwork hung everywhere! The heat from the extremely hot Los Angeles day rose to the top of the old building and remained throughout the night but was tolerated by all who came for the festivities. Music was supplied by The Milky Way and three DJS, Mr. NumberOnederful a/k/a Cannibal Flower’s L Croskey who has been passionately spinning vinyl since 1982, specializing in remixes, mash ups and covers, DJ DownToEarth, and DJ DoublePlay.

The show featured William Zdan, a local artist transplanted from Detroit whose pieces tell a story of the effect of industry on modern culture, mixing beauty and apocalypse in his own illustrative technique using oils on distressed panel. Michael Pucak live painted and a dazzling array of artists contributed to the group show: Anthony Ausgang, Liz Brizzi, Nate Seubert, Craig “Skibs” Barker, Cody Lusby, Phil Santos, Michael Christy, Rask Opticon, David Natale, Lefty Joe, Ariel DeAndrea, Nicole Bruckman, Louie Metz, John Park, Hans Haveron, Delphia, Erin Stone, Khalid Hussein, Catherine Kaleel, Jose Carabes, Deryke Cardenaz, Pavel Acevedo, Cynthia Rogers, Yuki Miyazaki, Kelly Thompson, Kasim Patton, Jaime Becker, Janet E. Dandridge, Dion Macellari, Ken Flewellyn, L. Croskey, Michele Waterman, Terri Berman, Benedigital, Laura Diamond, Melany Meza-Deirks, Jennifer Kawasaki, Dominique Lopez, Maxwell McMaster, Jorge “Tyme” Martinez, Gregory Hardin, Rhiannon Marhi, Keri Kilgo, Eric Q, Eric Staniford, Peter Adamyan, Alejandro Navia, Zara Kand, Bill Schaeffer, Shawn Waco, Bob Kent, William Bronson, Meirav Haber, Meghan Quinn, Ahhd, Bill Kheel, Jim Lembeck, Lynn Marie Greaves, Steven Thomas Higgins, Amy Bernays, Kimberly Zsebe, Christina Czybik, Causnfx, Angelina Guzman, Donna Letterese, Jordan Mendenhall, Jason Lockyer, Billy Kheel, Jim Lembeck, Lisa MoneyPenny, David Foto, David Mesina, Craig Cartwright, Michael Foulkrod, Avedon Arcade, Douglas Alvarez, Richard Sigmund, Zachary Schoenbaum, Tarikh Brown, Jason London, Francesca Praise, Meg McMahon, Jason Liwag, Ruel Rendon, Mary Hanson, Rebecca Peloquin, Charles Perera, Susan Spano, Zero Blank, Stephan Canthal, and Elliot Jackson.

Cannibal Flower History
In 2000, L.Croskey, Jean-Paul Garnier and Michele Waterman decided to create a series of events for a group of friends to showcase their art and music, without having to deal with conventional galleries and venues. Cannibal Flower found instant success in their early shows, drawing a following and attracting artists and performers in all stages of their careers – established and beginning, students and teachers, insiders and outsiders. Many now established artists had their first public showings at Cannibal Flower including Nathan Cabrera. Nathan Cartwright. Luke Chueh. Joshua Clay. Cam De Leon. Bob Dob, Ekundayo. Blain Fontana, Thomas Han, Joe Ledbetter, Lola, Jason Maloney, Tim McCormick, Tara McPherson, Mia, Leslie Reppeteaux, Nathan Spoor, Amy Sol, Chris Peters, Plastic God, Joe Vaux, Chet Zar, Christopher Ulrich and many more!

As working artists, the Cannibal Flower crew felt that if an artist is truly passionate and dedicated to what they do, they deserved a chance to show their works to others in a public venue. Their aim was to create artist unity and collaboration. By working with other galleries and alternative spaces, they also promoted and supported numerous venues, and have helped bring the arts to wider audience.

When the group felt the need to expand into a more permanent and walk-in / viewer-friendly location, LC’s Art Annex and The Cannibal Flower Gallery & Store was born at Melrose and Spaulding in April of 2005. In November of 2005, L Croskey together with husband / wife team Andrew and Shawn Hosner, the founders of the Sour Harvest art site, collaborated on a permanent gallery and Thinkspace Gallery was born. In June of 2006, Thinkspace moved to the Silver Lake district of Los Angeles and in the Spring of 2010, Thinkspace made the move and expansion to its current location in the Culver City Arts District.

In their 12th year, Cannibal Flower continues to draw a lively roster of new and established artists and mixes music, art and performance at each of their well-attended events. We congratulate the Cannibal Flower crew and wish them continued success!

Main image: Cannibal Flower’s L.Croskey and Michele Waterman. All photographs by Lee Joseph

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