Home Room’s Final Days

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Home Room was an indie gallery run by Walt Gorecki and Shaddy Zeineddine where each exhibit was dedicated whole heartily to its entire concept. For example, when they did a haunted house show last year they sourced and used the same wallpaper from the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland, built special crevices to hide spirit projectors in, and even curated a month’s worth of bands who exclusively played spooky music. Then, when the next show came around they started from scratch again and rebuilt the entire gallery into whatever form they wanted.

Their final exhibit, Super Tetricide, ended on a bittersweet note. It was packed with everyone who had come to love the gallery and performance space during its short existence, so spirits were high, but it was still the last night any of us would ever be there and so it was hard to leave through the doors where we had seen everyone from legendary cult film directors to drag queens walk through and be entertained. Not to mention it was also where we would hold top secret artist pictionary games, which are way harder than playing against civilians because everyone throws words in the hat that are basically impossible to draw.

However, do not fear, I’m certain that the guys will most likely start up another project soon. After all, their intention of starting a gallery ended up with them creating a movement, the waves of which we’ll start to see in the coming years — much like how that first Sex Pistols concert in Manchester gave birth to a plethora of other greats we all rock on our playlists today.

The following are pictures of the gallery, it’s two final exhibits, and the mural in front…




































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