XVALA introduces the “Bieberbot” at Art Is Shit Editions

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XVALA is an artist ahead of his time. A free spirit who does what he wants to do, when he wants to do it. So, when he stole Justin Bieber’s trashcan and painted it silver to display at Art Is Shit Editions it might make you scratch your head at first, but then it becomes the work of genius. However, as much as I loved that particular piece, Xvala also had two of his original paintings on display, one of which had such brilliant colors that it burned my mind with the shape of aliens and the future yet to come. I think this piece will be important one day.

Over the course of creating the Bieberbot for the show, XVALA befriended Flula Borg, the German DJ/YouTube sensation with over 14 million views on his page. Flula created an original video to help promote the show as well as posed nearly naked next to the work for a photograph. Flula  surprised the audience when he showed up to the opening for a set of three short performances, creating freestyle raps and beats on the spot about anything the audience requested, the most brilliant of which was about penguins and included a home-made swirling dervish of arctic audio.

Throughout the evening, a famed LA blogger/artist Reserve Result  and others took Polaroid photos of attendees that were placed on a table near the gallery’s entrance.

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