Cartwheel Preview: “Matter of Time” New Works by Gregory Siff

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Fuji Polaroids taken by Erwin Recinos during Cartwheel visit.

CARTWHEEL was invited to a preview of some of New York native Gregory Siff‘s creative processes in preparation for his third solo exhibit in Los Angeles at Gallery Brown this coming October 20th. If you are familiar with this artist work, you know he and his art comes from a place of honesty and playfulness, striking chords with those that are looking for truth in themselves and expressing it in a manner that can be related to on all levels. Siff works in mixed media with bold, Pop Expressionist style that is skilled, self-aware, multi-layered.

I was eager to see Las Vegas, a large piece that Siff  has been working on. As our night began to near the witching hour, Gregory explored this piece verbally, talking about the memories that came from a trip Las Vegas. During this conversation, Gregory was painting and creating, all in fluid motions and acts, never breaking stride while diving deeper into his artistic exploration on canvas.

Visit for more details of this exhibit. Also keep up with Gregory Siff on Twitter and Tumblr for his build-up to this exciting show.














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