“For Dogs’ Sake,”The London Police’s VIP Fashion Show and Documentary : Prelude to Show at Corey Helford

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Sunday afternoon isn’t the most happening bar time in Hollywood, and bars aren’t the first places you think of when you hear “runway show.”

Already, these two elements made “For Dogs Sake” — a VIP event put together by global street (and now gallery) artist group The London Police  and Corey Helford Gallery,  in anticipation of TLP’s eponymous show opening  October 13 at the Culver City gallery–quite the happening. Add in dogs–and wow!

Since TLP’s  current pieces revolve around dogs, “For Dogs Sake” at the Dragonfly captured the artists’ enchantment with man’s best friend with charity canine couture show from an international crew of artists: America’s  Shepard Fairey, Jeremy Fish and Logan Hicks Ronald Lemstra from the Netherland; German artists Nomad and Flying Fortress;  Italy’s Galo and Maoma; Spanish artist Onvi; Croatia’s MiniVila; and from the UK, D*Face and TLP themselves.

Visitors to Dragonfly Bar took seats near a runway, ready for a late afternoon of hilarity and silliness.  Visitors first watched a film documenting music videos for TLP duo Chaz and Bob’s small songs about dogs sung on a European adventure. For the film, TLP traveled Europe to visit the continent’s dog population, and on the way sang to groups of locals who chuckle at their street performances and applaud them.

Then came the real treat, the live, tail-wagging models from the film and television agency Animals Actors Sweet Sunshine International  who strutted the catwalk  “dogwalk”  wearing the participating artists’ design, which brought a fashion-forward aesthetic style to four-legged models.  Each piece showcased the artist’s personality and style, using a range of media including textiles and spray paint. While most of dogs seemed happy to show off their finery by strutting their stuff, a few found the stage more appropriate for lying down and relaxing. Proceeds from the sale of these works–whose prices range from the triple digits to the quadruple–went to the owners of the dog models for donation to the animal welfare charities of their choice.

To end the night, The London Police’s Chaz and Bob brought one of their members, Chinny Bond, and an audience member (who might not have been so randomly chosen) on stage to perform their silly dog songs.  This wasn’t an average documentary, fashion show, or concert, and it’s clear TLP are not afraid to bring their own brand of humor to their art and music. If only other art shows could involve more pups!

“For Dogs Sake” The London Police
October 13–November 9
Corey Helfond Gallery
8522 Washington Blvd
Culver City, 90232
Open Tuesday-Saturday, noon-6pm; or by appointment


The London Police



The London Police onstage at the Dragonfly Bar


D*Face “Dog Skin”


Maoma “Prisma”


Ovni “Don’t Be Boring”

Raymond Lemstra “Dog Face”


Shepard Fairey “Dog Save the Queen”


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