Cryptik Signs New Book at AS Issued in Costa Mesa

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The recently opened AS Issued, at The Lab in Costa Mesa is a bookstore/art gallery hybrid bringing the Orange County area a fresh taste of contemporary artists currently making waves in the Southern California art scene. Street artist Cryptik–who recently released a book through Zero+ Publishing titled, Cryptik: Eastern Philosophy featuring photographs from his street art campaign dedicated to exposing the world to an open-minded consciousness of self-realization through art and religion–was there for the book’s launch Saturday October 13.

Cryptik signed books including his Clamshell Boxed edition book/print combo, poster prints, skate decks, shirts, and other items including Cryptik candles, embellishing them all with his signature style of calligraphy that captivates on both aesthetic and technical levels The Hit + Run Crew set up a live silk-screening shop where you could purchase a t-shirt and have it stylized with numerous designs from the Cryptik Movement.  The Mantra II and Ganesha combo print was popular. The variety of prints and combinations  available made customizing a shirt collector’s dream–and yes along with collecting art and books, people collect shirts.

The format of the book Eastern Philosophy is great, with photo spreads from left to right. Each photo taking you to a place that is familiar or unknown. Maybe this was the photographers first encounter with the art or has been flowing the “The Movement” for some time. Either way you are left thinking and that is purpose of this book and the art of Cryptik.

For more information on Cryptik, his movement, and the book check out our Cartwheel interview by Eva Recinos here.  It’s obvious the street artist Cryptik has reached a new level, and will continue to bring aesthetically beautiful works as he  reaches out to an even bigger audience. And it’s equally obvious that AS Issued is the OC go-to spot to find both great books and cutting edge art.











Free stickers and buttons as you got your book signed by CRYPTIK.






Mantra II & Ganesha combo t-shirt print by Hit + Run Crew.




Guest DJ’s Bei & Free the Robots kept the crowd musically entertained.

Photos by Erwin Recinos.

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