Photo Essay: “Gary Baseman’s Nightmares of Halloweens Past” Opening at KK Gallery

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Costumed revelers, mysterious photographs, Ghost Girl, Nightmare and the Cat, and even some translucent orbs floating around the host were all part of  the experience at “Gary Baseman’s Nightmares of Halloweens Past” which opened Saturday night at KK Gallery, the brand new Los Angeles outpost of KesselsKramer, the bijzonder cool Amsterdam-based ad agency/publishing company which also has a gallery/office in London.

First the orbs: Just check out Cindy’s photo of Baseman up top. There they are, two glowing globes in the lower left. Baseman incorporates circles into his art, bubbles of desire. Well, Saturday night he desired that we all have a good time–and he succeeded, as our photos show!

Gary Baseman’s Nightmares of Halloween Past
October 20-November 24
963 Chung King Road
Los Angeles, 90012
Tuesday-Saturday, 10 am-6pm

(Photos: top, costumed gallery crowd, Eric Mihn Swenson, girls gone wild for Gary–Cindy Schwarzstein. All of others–Lalisa Derrick)


Baseman greeted guests in a beautifully tailored suit.

Baseman, a charming host, spent time with his guests.

Eames chair, upholstered in fabric to match the wallpaper.

Ghost Girl dolls.

Hand painted photos and something mysterious.

Photographers were out in force early on.

 Cindy shoots for CARTWHEEL

Chinatown’s favorite art enthusiast, third from left, as KK Gallery gets crowded.


Baseman painted the drums for Nightmare and the Cat.

Baseman introduces Nightmare and the Cat.

Nightmare and the Cat played a full set.

After the set Gary posed for photos

Photographer Eric Minh Swenson and Baseman

Gallerists (l-r) Eric Barrett, David Charles, Melinda Gorham Rodrigues with Baseman


Gary, Nightmare and the Cat discuss Gary’s vintage Halloween photo collection.

Nightmare and the Cat recently signed to Capitol Records. Gary has a retrospective coming up next year at Skirball Center.

Gary gets some well needed refreshment courtesy of David Charles and Melinda Gorham Rodrigues.

Halloween is for breaking down boundaries, walking though societal walls. In costume.

Exhausted artist and musician take brief dirt naps.

With “Gary Baseman’s Nightmares of Halloween Past” tucked behind bars and KK Gallery closed, Nightmare and the Cat go home.

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