Cartwheel Preview: Designer Con 2012 in Pasadena

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Galaxy Monkeys exclusive “Monkeynaut” for DCON 2012

There are plenty of conventions out there, but how about one that merges art, clothes, and designer toys? That’s exactly what DesignerCon undertakes with a huge convention that hits all the areas of design today.

But the heart of the event lies in the toys. DesignerCon originally existed as Vinyl Toy Network back in 2006, and today that love of toys remains in the convention’s founders Ben Goretsky and Ayleen Gaspar. Goretsky splits his time between the art and toy world, serving as chief editor for Divulge Magazine and guest host on, a show dedicated to – you guessed it – toys! Gaspar hosts and produces Toy Break and is also co-owner of October Toys.

So you see a trend here, right? It’s not everyday that a pair of toy lovers get together to start something so big, but Goretsky sees it as satisfying a big need. Said Goretsky:

DesignerCon was put together because of the void of a show in our type of art/toy/design community. Yes, there are other cons that have sections dedicated to this world but there was never a show dedicated to it; DesignerCon is that show.

That gives the convention a more personal, familial sense. Toy lovers–and design fans–are in this environment together, celebrating the things they love. That applies to Goretsky and Gaspar just as much. Said Gaspar:

As the show coordinators, we definitely enjoy the day of the show, just in a slightly different way. We appreciate smiles on the faces of attendees and a sincere thumbs up from a  satisfied vendor. Thanks to our incredible staff and friends, we do find time to meander and shop in between running activities.

The convention also offers exclusives Goretsky looks forward to sharing. Goretsky explained:

This year personally I am excited about Munky King’s exclusive and all the SuckCon exclusives that DKE has been previewing these past few weeks; all of them look amazing!

DesignerCon will take place Saturday November 3rd from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tickets are $5 online and $7 at the show, and kiddos 12 and under get in for free. Admission is also waived after 3 p.m.

Designer Con 2012
Pasadena Convention Center
300 East Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91101


Dark Emerald Hell Lotus by CLOGTWO and produced by Mighty Jaxx available from DKE Toys booth #124 at DCON 2012.


The Evelfett 18×24 4 color screen print on 100lb by Retro Outlaw. Metallic ink only available at DCON 2012.

*All photos below are from Designer Con 2011 provided by Erwin Recinos.


Live painting at Designer Con 2011.



Angry Woebots booth at Designer Con 2011.


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