A Cup of Joe & A Quick Smoke with SeasOverSeas

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SeasOverSeas is an artist based out of North Hollywood who is making original works that traverse the lines between graffiti, skateboard illustrations, and fine art. We’ve known each other for a long time and have constantly traded info on both the music and art that we live for. Especially music in the case of SeasOverSeas, since he’s always playing with different bands, like Destruments and touring all over the world.

However, his paintings are seriously not to be overlooked. They are radical and beckon for hours of integrated study. And since he layers wooden panels on top of one another create a great textural effect, there’s always something new to find.

We met at the restaurant, Republic of Pie, a brand-new spot that’s part of the up-and-coming foodie scene in the Valley and also where he has several of his large paintings on display. As we drank our cups of joe, we traded war stories of our lives on the road, and got to see people mystically engaged in conversations all around us — entranced by SeasOverSeas paintings surrounding them.

At one point however, I saw SeasOverSeas take out what I thought to be a pen. Except, it wasn’t a pen, it was a small electronic nicotine vaporizer. He took a puff inside and we continued our conversation. It was as radical as his paintings on the wall.

Below are some photos of SeasOverSeas. His paintings, his tattoos, and yes, event his magical vaporizer. Also, be sure to follow him on Instagram, @seasoverseas, since he’s always posting not only his own work, but the work around him across the globe.
















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