Cartwheel Recap: “The Mouseketeer Army” ~ New Works by Bob Dob

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The opening reception for the exhibit seemed packed with a bunch of rad players in the lowbrow art world like Anthony Ausgang, Andrew Hosner of Thinkspace Gallery,  Marc Trujillo, actress/singer Kate Flannery from NBC’s The Office who is also part of the Hollywood lounge duo The Lampshades. I wasn’t there to catch the action, but CARTWHEEL founder Cindy Schwarzstein was, and so you can see some glimpses of the night below. It’s quite difficult to shoot the action of an event when you’re immersed in it yourself and Cindy is one of the best at it.

As mentioned in my earlier post, the larger American flag piece by Bob Dob was indeed sold off in smaller sections, which were numbered with their corresponding prices to the left of the work. Though a healthy portion of the pieces have already sold, there are still some available, which you can purchase directly from  La Luz de Jesus.

It’s important to keep in mind that Bob Dob is an influencer when you look at his work. His style is consistently copied by up-and-coming artists as well as by companies trying to make their brands that much cooler. Because of this, he’s truly an artist whose work is of necessity to own, especially since in the future, when the present becomes the past, Bob Dob’s name will be right at the front of the SoCal LowBrow and PopSurrealist textbooks. So, get them now, while the getting is good!!!

Photos from the opening reception by Cindy Schwarzstein

Bob Dob himself


(L-R) Sean Cheetham, Marc Trujillo, Linda Bowen-Trujillo

(L-R) Billy Shire, Shirley Perl, Lee Joseph, Samvel Saghatelian, Robyn Westcott

Students of Bob Dob


(L – R) Jay Lopez, La Luz de Jesus Gallery Director Matt Kennedy, Christine Wu

Marco Gomezleon and Victerror Wordsworth


Jen DiSisto,  Anthony Ausgang


(L-R) Anthony Ausgang, Alexis Scott, Andre Boutilier

Shawn and Andrew Hosner of  Thinkspace Gallery


Kate Flannery of The Office and The Lampshades and CARTWHEEL’s Cindy Schwarzstein

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