CARTWHEEL Details Editorial Team; Prepares for Art Basel, Miami Art Fairs

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With Art Basel and the Miami Art Fairs just around the corner, CARTWHEEL wants to introduce our editorial staff. As senior editor, I am thrilled, thrilled, thrilled to head up a staff of writers and photographers who are dedicated to bringing their love of art–and their knowledge about art, from street art to fine art, outsider art to Pop Surrealism, emerging and undiscovered art– to a wider audience, to turn our readers on to what turns us on, and to expand that readership with our updates and newsletters (which you can sign up for here).

We’ve compiled a hit list of our favorite and most popular posts for you to look through, and matched them up with our staff photos so you can spot us at galleries and openings (Be sure to look for Cindy and Dana in Miami!). If you’re new to CARTWHEEL, welcome and we hope you enjoy this collection of of our writings; and if you’re you’re one of our many regular readers, who knows, maybe you’ll see something that catches your eye the second time around (and because I’m a nerd, each writer’s name is linked to a list of all their posts, so once you’ve seen our highlights, you can explore each writer’s interests more fully).

Everyone with CARTWHEEL collects art and we’re excited that we’ve expanded our collectors section with new posts about collectors, galleries and collecting art. Plus our book section–most of us got our first art fixes from books, and we love that so  many exciting new books and publishers are bringing art to everyone–you may not be able to attend a gallery show or buy a large piece of art, but you can invest in books about artists.

And don’t be shy–we have a comments area set up under every post and would love to hear your thoughts about our writing and photographs–and the art we cover!

Introducing CARTWHEEL’s awesome writers and photographers:


Interview: SHAG – A Supersonic Swinger Revisited!

Interview: It’s All Done With Ransom & Mitchell’s Smoke and Mirrors

Cartwheel’s First Event: Exchange Project Series 1

It Was A Red Hot Night of Art, Film and Music!

CARTWHEEL’s Guide to Miami Art Fairs

Dan Barry on his Taetrum et Dulce: Lux in Tenebris (Creepy and Sweet: Light in Darkness)

Wet Plates with Photographer Ian Ruhter

Great West Coast Migration at the ARTery, Costa Mesa

“Catharsis” by SANER opens at New Image Art

“A Lovely Sort Of Death” opens at HVW8

Cartwheel Recap: “Conversations” opens at Soze Gallery

Cartwheel Recap: “El Velorio” at KGB Studios

CARTWHEEL Recap: Designer Con 2012 opens in Pasadena ~ Part One

CRYPTIK Signs New Book at AS Issued in Costa Mesa

CARTWHEEL Preview: Matter of Time New Works by Gregory Siff

The Breaking Bad Art Show at Gallery 1988 Melrose


The CARTWHEEL Interview with Isabel Samaras

Art is a Mixtape

Cretin Hop: Dee Dee Ramone at Subliminal Projects

Borderline: Narcolandia at Coagula Curatorial


RETNA at Michael Kohn Gallery

Andrew Schoultz: Ready to Take Over Los Angeles

Stay Up! Los Angeles Street Art a Focus at West Hollywood Book Fair

LA Skin & Ink at Craft and Folk Art Museum

Accessing The Entourage: An Inside Look at ART PLATFORM 2012

Interview with Jon Beinart, Beinart Collective: “Anomalies” Open at Copro Gallery

Os Gemeos at ICA Boston

Tea & Crumpets: The Friends, Journalists, and Artists I Met on my London Art Adventure

Rituals of Sex and Death Rule the Fowler Museum In Extremis: Death and Life in 21st Century Haitian Art

Gary Baseman’s Nightmares of Halloweens Past: Exclusive Look

Once Upon a Time… Opens at Coagula, Rock Star Gets All Butt Hurt

Matjames Metson: Method Attic at Coagula Curatorial

Cindy Schwarzstein, CARTWHEEL Founder and Publisher


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