Photos from Miami Art Fairs

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Herakut wall at Pulse art fair

Hello from Miami! Here are a few photos from Miami art fairs and Wynwood Arts District. Please enjoy and check back soon for more complete coverage.

Wynwood Walls – How and Nosm

Matjames Metson’s works at Coagula Curtorial at Miami Project.

Tom Fellner at Balzer Art Projects at Pulse art fair.

Andrew Scoultz artwork at Mark Moore Gallery at Pulse art fair.

Evo Love at Fountain art fair.

The Red Bull Curates booth at Scope Miami Beach with work by Lydia Emily, Gregory Siff, Hans Haveron and more.

Aqua art fair on Collins Ave. in Miami Beach.

Greg Haberny’s installation for Lyons Weir Gallery at Aqua art fair

Mark Mulroney at Mixed Greens at Pulse art fair.

Vanessa German artwork at Pulse art fair.

Joshua Liner Gallery at Pulse art fair.

Wynwood Walls – Ron English

Coagula Curatorial booth at Miami Project.

Scott Fife grizzly bear at Platform Gallery at Miami Project.

South Beach!

Robert Louglin at Regina Gallery at Art Basel Miami Beach.

Corey Hagberg at Fountain art fair.

Gina Kamentsky’s kinetic sculpture at William Bacsek Fine Arts at Aqua art fair.

Takashi Murakami at Blum & Poe at Art Basel Miami Beach.

Scott Hove at Spoke Art at Scope Miami Beach

Travis Louie artwork at William Bacsek at Aqua art fair.

Spinello Projects booth at Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel Miami Beach

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