“Mad Society” Opens at Known Gallery

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Mad Society opened this month at Known Gallery with works from artists like Risk, Zes, Revok, Askew, Rime and RETNA, plus  other artists gracing the walls at this famed Fairfax Avenue gallery with And Known Gallery’s current show “Mad Society” features these artists creations that go beyond the expected: Foraged geometric collages, pop color creations, politically-charged critiques, vivid abstractions and much more vibrate through the gallery. CARTWHEEL’s Luis Ochoa captured some moments of the “Mad Society” opening.

With worldwide acclaim achieved through a tireless dedication to a craft that is constantly under fire from outward sources looking to quell their cultural impact, a group of individuals with mutual admiration for one another have endured. Having presented work at the street-level in dilapidated areas both domestic and abroad, as well as in some of the largest and most respected museums and galleries in the world, these artists continue to be a driving force in not only promoting their art, but also the idea that surrounding yourself with the elite is a formula for inherent growth and endless blue chip opportunities.

Yes, we’re talking street art!

Mad Society will be on view until December 24th.

Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, Ca 90036
Call or email for hours: 310-860-6263,  info@knowngallery.com


Untitled by Zes

A patron taking a pic of “Intimacy Faces” by Rime.


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