Exploring Wynwood Walls in Miami

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This December, while the Miami Beach art fairs were going on, hundreds of people made a trip to the Wynwood Arts District, home to The Wynwood Walls street art courtyard and a thriving young gallery scene. This district is unique in the United States, where cameras are slung around every shoulder and people — some of them in nice dresses and with baby strollers — wander railroad tracks and gas station lots in search of the next great mural that is likely to be waiting around the corner. It’s gritty here, and it smells more of spray paint and the aromatic plantains that come from the Wynwood Kitchen than the typical inner city mix — but maybe that’s just our perception, since we visited during Art Basel week, when nearly every street artist and their fans come here at once.

The Wynwood Walls zone at the center of attention in the district included an indoor exhibition in honor of Tony Goldman, who passed away in September. He was key in developing Wynwood as a thriving gallery district and free street art museum with walls by Shepard Fairey, Kenny Scharf, Ron English and more. Enjoy our pictures!

Free Humanity, welcome to the Miami heat in Wynwood.

We Are Lightwalkers by Subi, a Miami artist.

I was “all over” piece by How & Nosm.

Lab Art wall at Miguel Paredes Gallery.

Kenny Scharf at the Wynwood Walls.

Ron English at the Wynwood Walls.

Ron English (third from R) and friends at Wynwood Kitchen & Bar.

Faile at Wynwood Kitchen & Bar.

Wynwood Kitchen & Bar.

Nunca at the Wynwood Walls.

Ryan McGinness at the Wynwood Walls.

IMG_7542 copy

In the Wynwood Walls gift shop.

IMG_7552 copy

Airstream trailer exterior by Kenny Scharf at the Wynwood Walls.

Airstream trailer interior by Kenny Scharf at the Wynwood Walls.

L: Vhils (Alexandre Farto of Lisbon) creates murals by carving, in other words, using destruction to create.

The work of DALeast, in various spots around Wynwood, often depicts animals. So good!

In the background, an Os Gemeos mural marks the entrance to Wynwood Kitchen. In the foreground, a fashion shoot captured all kinds of attention.

Kawaii Universe, a hometown operation.

This is Wynwood — See this colorful-ethereal mural by Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra…

…And round the corner to lay eyes on this beast by Shark Toof.

There are several walls by Retna in Wynwood, but coming across this one, when it was set against Miami dusk, was a good moment in time.

IMG_7868 copy

Corey Hagberg.

This is one of several beautiful female visages by Melbourne, Australia-based artist Rone that take residence on the walls of the Wynwood district.

Hey! We’re not the only ones braving traffic for the shot (the dirty part of the job).

#wynwoodbear by SURGE.

This mural of Dali by Carlos Beck is one of our favorites.

On the side of a tavern, work by the Puerto Rican duo La Pandilla.

Thank you to our Miami friends Mary 305green and Buddha Funk of B Funk Art for helping us identify the artists of these murals.

For more images from Miami in December 2012, see The Best of 2012 Miami Beach Art Fairs: CARTWHEEL’s List of Trends, Successes and Discoveries. 

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