Photos from UNTITLED. Art Fair on the Beach in Miami

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UNTITLED. Art Fair  which took took place Dec. 5-9, 2012 is the Miami Beach art fair that’s all about location, location, location: Right on the sand where 12th Street meets Ocean Drive. It’s the first and only Miami fair to be this close to the water! Enjoy the following photos of artwork that caught our eye.


UNTITLED. is an innovation of the traditional art fair model placing emphasis on the quality of the viewer’s experience and the contextualization of the artworks exhibited. Housed in a customized beachfront pavilion under the artistic direction of New York based curator, Omar Lopez-Chahoud,UNTITLED. will present a cohesive collection of international works by contemporary artists selected in conversation and collaboration with 50 galleries participating through invitation. The fair will highlight a mix of established and emerging galleries, representing the most impactful living artists at the forefront of contemporary art.

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Lainya Magana of A & O PR greeted UNTITLED. attendees with a smile.

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Almost Went To The Indian Ocean, Acrylic on wood, 2012, by Holton Rower with The Hole Gallery.

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Holton Rower’s artworks are “pour paintings,” paint poured over plywood.

It was exciting to see artist William T. Wiley with Ochi Gallery.

A detail shot from the above work by William T. Wiley with Ochi Gallery.

Another detail shot from the above work by William T. Wiley.

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38 Black and White Paintings, 2012, by Jason Middlebrook with Dodge Gallery.

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Artist Jason Middlebrook uses walnut, ash and curly maple planks for his acrylic and spray paint paintings.

Lunch by the sea at Cafe B.O.H. at the fair. The tent was designed by John Keenan and Terrence Riley of K/R architecture firm.

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Irvin Morazan was among the artists featured UNTITLED.’s “Special Projects” section.

A detail shot of Irvin Morazan’s installation.

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FUN, Oil on linen, by Jim Richard with Jeff Bailey Gallery.

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(Art) Amalgamated Gallery.

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Water Signs, 35 min., video,  by Jamie Krasner.

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Melanie Daniel with Asya Geisberg Gallery.

Lollipop Racer Arrow, 2012, by Andres Carranza with Des Pacio Gallery. This is a computed axial tomography scan of the artist, skull replica stereolithography molded in bone ash, blood and water-rich secretion of the eccrine and lacrimal glands, fiberglass, resin, leather and automotive paint.

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Frederico Luger Gallery featured work by Franklin Evans.

A closeup of a Franklin Evans work.

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Tamara K.E. with Johannes Vogt Gallery.

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Waiting for the Perfect View, by Fiona Curran with Carslaw St.*Lukes Gallery of London. Curran uses found and made objects, in this case to represent the 1960s.

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John Lurie with ADA Gallery.


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