Ethos Gallery: “Ascending Humans” Draws Stars, Artists, Art Stars

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Thursday night, Ethos Gallery on Melrose glowed from within at the invitation-only artists reception celebrating the group show, “Ascending Human–A Journey Into Consciousness.” In attendance so many great artists, gallery owners, and curators, plus guitar superstar Slash; and CARTWHEEL’s Cindy Schwarzstein, Dana Nichols, and Luis Ochoa. Cindy shot our first video (she claims it was an accident!) which has gone up in this post and on our new YouTube flow where we’ll be posting  future artist interviews and more video of shows.

“Ascending Human” runs through January 24.

“Ascending Human”
January 12-24
Ethos Gallery
7763 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Tuesday – Sunday 11am – 6pm


ethos crowd MAIN

MEAR ONE’s art was featured on the “Ascending Human” invite


Yo! What Happened To Peace?


Risk, detail




Free humanity

The Free Humanity at “Ascending Human” Ethos Gallery

ethos group shot slash, swing, donaldson

LA native and superstar rock guitarist Slash with artist Guerin Swing, and Ethos Gallery’s Eddie Donaldson

eddie, boyd,  slash ethos

Ethos Gallery curator Eddie Donaldson, artist Brandon Boyd (singer/ songwriter of Incubus) and guitar hero Slash

boyd donaldson slash ethos

slash boyd ethos

boyd, slash jn, cindy

Brandon Boyd, Slash, Cindy Schwarzstein, Jen DiSisto of Art Duet


Slash pauses by  Gerwin Swing’s Ganesh


cwheel boyd disisto

Cindy Schwazrstein, Brandon Boyd, Jen DiSisto, Dana Nichols


Artist Cory Shaw with his work (lower) and Lauren Over’s piece (top)


Lauren Over at Ethos Gallery for “Ascending Human” group show

Artist Tanya Mikaela, Peace is the Path

Falcone Boyd Ethos

Ethos Gallery curator Lisa Falcone and Brandon Boyd with Boyd’s art.


Ethos Gallery’s co-curators, Lisa Falcone and Eddie Donaldson

Ascending humans: Gregory Siff, SAND ONE and MEAR ONE at Ethos Gallery.

Shepard Fairey’s work is instantly recognizable.

red gold shep

Shepard Fairey (detail)

Iskander Lemseffer

Iskander Lemseffer (LAB Art) and friend

We see this as “love.”

Gregory Siff and Pep Williams

siff williams

Williams checks out Siff’s artwork at Ethos.

siff donaldson

Gregory Siff and Eddie Donaldson

karen marley eddie

Karen Marley and Eddie Donladson

karen Marley

Karen Marley (far left) and Solo Rubenstein (far right) and friends

Ken Zoltan known, annie preece

Artist Annie Preece and Known Gallery’s Ken Zoltan

Elisabeth S. Fried’s contribution to “Ascending Human”

Eli Consilvio(Art Reserve), Candice Kay Lee (CL Projects), Cole Sternberg

Eli Consilvio (Art Reserve), Candice Kay Lee (CL Projects), artist Cole Sternberg


All photos: Luis Ochoa/CARTWHEEL, except Shaw and Sternberg (Cindy Schwarzstein/CARTWHEEL). Top image of Risk

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