Sage Vaughn “Life” Exhibition At Scion AV Installation

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Multimedia artist Sage Vaughn,  whose current exhibit “Life,” features both new works as well as collectibles and books hangs at the Scion AV Installation from January 12 through February 9th.  “Life” is presented as

a body of work inspired by a word that describes almost anything; it covers so much, it means nothing.

While each artwork in “Life” may be singular unto itself, viewed as an entire series, “Life” becomes an indictment of nature versus humanity, and as a series “Life” feels both equally benign and distressing.

Gone are his signature butterflies, birds, and superheroes, though still is a through-line from his earlier work that resonates with the same tone. With “Life,” Sage continues to pit the objectivity of nature against the calamity of humanity and attrition. The juxtaposition of jarring images within Sage’s work is oddly comforting and familiar, yet uncomfortably alienating.

Using a variety of techniques including printing on tapestry and collage (the latter using  a cut and paste version of the iconic red and white of the LIFE magazine logo on manilla envelopes), Sage has shifted his trajectory, redefining himself while still staying true to his core.

While much of Sage Vaughn’s fame has come from his bird paintings, there are only two works featuring birds at Scion AV and neither of them are paintings.  In “Night Watch,” Sage  has created a work of stained glass featuring a pair of beautiful stoic owls, the church-like feel of the stained glass adding dignity to the owls. However, captured in glass, the owls lack any immediacy or emotion. IN many ways, Vaughn’s “Night Watch” exemplifies the “Life” series by crystalizing  the beauty in the bleakness. On the opposite side of the gallery hangs the the tapestry, “The Good Life,” featuring a graffitied (or possibly tattooed) hummingbird against a pixelated background. The cotton blanket seems warm and inviting–inviting you to feel the gentle dischord that typifies Sage Vaughn’s “Life.”

Sage Vaughn “Life”
January 12th – February 9th
Scion AV Installation
7667 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046
Open Tuesday – Sunday, Noon to 7PM
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Greg Bojorquez snaps Sage Vaughn
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b&w signing
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