Mat Gleason Dishes on Parking in Chinatown

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Mat Gleason is fully back in action.

Wednesday I went by Coagula Curatorial to preview this weekend’s “Quad Shot” show— and especially to look at my friend Gronk‘s work–and was happy to see Mat Gleason, gallery owner and director, on hand to supervise its installation. Some of you know that Mat recently had a pacemaker installed to stabilize his heartbeat and was out of circulation for a while.

We talked art and parking, with Mat revealing his secrets for easy  spots near the galleries. He suggested checking a map to scope out the residential areas of Chinatown–some good spaces are open on North Broadway past the shops and restaurants. Most are a just short walk away. He also wryly pointed out that Laker VIP ticket holders walk farther from preferred parking to their seats than Coagula fans would walk from available free parking spaces to the gallery. (BTW,  as one Chinatown Arts District afficionada pointed out, what is $5 or $10 for parking in exchange for a free evening of art?) If you plan for pre-gallery dining  you may score a good place, or  park in a restauraat lot and get validated (check with the lot attendant).

Regarding Gronk,  Mat said, the L. A. veteran is one of his favorite artists, who, he continued, brings legitimate street cred to Coagula.   “Quad Shot” with Renee A. Fox, Diane Gamboa and Germs opens Saturday, with Karen Finley‘s Sext Me If You Can down below in the basement.

Look for CARTWHEEL’s preview of Gronk’s show, plus our coverage of the opening!

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