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Charlie Anderson’s work will be exhibited with Fabien Castanier Gallery at the 2013 L.A. Art Show.

CARTWHEEL is honored to be part of the L.A. Art Show, happening January 23-27, 2013. With CARTWHEEL founder Cindy Schwarzstein on the host committee and our entire team dispatched to all facets of the fair throughout the week, expect detailed coverage and tons of great photos. Here are some of the galleries and artists that we are looking forward to checking out–in other words, the booths where you’re most likely to find us interviewing our favorite people and getting snap-happy with our cameras.


Bubble graffiti letters are by TILT, who will be exhibiting at Fabien Castanier Gallery.


L to R: Gallery manager Heather Oakley, artist Speedy Graphito, and Fabien Castanier in front of Speedy’s work at the Fabien Castanier Gallery space at Context Art Fair Miami.

Saturday will be a great day to visit Fabien Castanier Gallery as artist JonOne is set to be doing live painting in the booth. The gallery will also be exhibiting artworks by Charlie Anderson, SEEN, Speedy Graphito and RERO. In recent coverage of Fabien Castanier exhibitions:

CARTWHEEL’s Keith Dugas on Charlie Anderson:

Don’t be fooled by those Charlie Andersons hanging on the walls. No, they are not pulp collages. Well okay, they kind of are, but they are not giant strips of paper glued together.  Step a little closer. He painted that, with acrylic, ink, and house paint. Yes he did.

TILT in a brand new interview with CARTWHEEL’s Eva Recinos:

The problem with graffiti, not this one with graffiti usually they say ‘I don’t like it because I don’t understand. It’s not for me. It’s not my language. Okay Do you speak birds? They go like… (TILT whistles) do you understand what they say? You don’t understand what they say but you like it.


A Delicious Mess, by Desire Obtain Cherish will be shown with The McLoughlin Gallery at the L.A. Art Show.

VAL_Out of the Box

Out of the Box, by Cristobal Valecillos. The artist will create an installation in The McLoughlin Gallery space.

Joan McLoughlin of The McLoughlin Gallery with Timothy Yarger at Context Art Fair in Miami last month, in front of art by Cristobal Valecillos.

The McLoughlin Gallery is set to make a statement with a huge booth, including the pop art ice cream and blow pops by Desire Obtain Cherish and an installation by Cristobal Valecillos — two artists who were also shown with the gallery at Context Art Fair in Miami last month.

From the gallery:

Cristobal will create a cardboard installation as a backdrop to his work which enable viewers to become immersed into the setting that he used for his first series ‘A Cardboard Life’. The entire set and clothes worn by the models took six months to build and were made entirely out of reclaimed cardboard and raw paper.


Artists Bryan Cunningham and Jason D’Aquino enjoyed themselves at the Red Truck Gallery space at SCOPE Miami last month.


Artwork by Jason D’Aquino with Red Truck Gallery at SCOPE Miami Beach last month.


Tom Haney’s hand-carved, hand-painted, mechanized marionettes will be shown with Red Truck Gallery.

Red Truck Gallery is driving cross-country from New Orleans to feature its unique collection of outsider and folk artwork by Joe Decamillis, Jason D’Aquino, Bryan Cunningham, Adam Wallacavage, Tom Haney and Jason Houchen.


The L.A. Art Show will the be premiere showing of painter Cecil Touchon; with Timothy Yarger Gallery


Michael Torquato DeNicola’s work, shown with Axiom Contemporary in 2012 L.A. Art Show and artMRKT San Francisco (pictured here), turned us on to the gallery.


Among the artists showing at Axiom Contemporary is the work of Jay Kelly.


Michael Hayden is an L.A. artist who works in encaustic painting; with Axiom Contemporary.

Axiom Contemporary caught our eye at the 2012 L.A. Art Show when we were wowed by the fine art fair debut of Orange County-bred mixed media artist Michael Torquato DeNicola. This year we’re excited to see the Santa Monica gallery return with a selection of varied California artists, many of whom share the golden state as an inspiration, including Jay Kelly and Michael Hayden.


Denis Bloch Fine Art offers an array of inspiring artists.

Denis Bloch Fine Art will have a space at the L.A. Art Show. Last fall, CARTWHEEL’s Lisa Derrick visited the gallery at Art Platform:

If one gallery at Art Platform had to sum up the trajectory of avant-garde art over the past century, that would be Denis Bloch where Rene Magritte, Henri Matisse, Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso, Robert Rauschenberg and Andy Warhol  share space with Mr. Brainwash and Speedy Graphito. Plus Bloch’ s got some Keith Haring and Damien Hirst thrown up for good measure. Very all star.


Station to Station 3, Hand painted multiple, Artist proof, 2012, by Shepard Fairey, Courtesy of the artist for benefiting The Art of Elysium.


Best Memories II, Mixed media on canvas, 2012, by Gregory Siff, Courtesy of the artist, benefiting The Art of Elysium.


Pagani Eyemo Uno, Unique silver gelatin print, acrylic polymer and resin on panel, 2012, by James Georgopoulos, Courtesy of the artist, benefiting The Art of Elysium.

Look for The Art of Elysium installation with select pieces of work from the upcoming Feb. 2013 Pieces of Heaven Auction, which benefits the non-profit’s fine art program. The Art of Elysium is one of two beneficiaries of the L.A. Art Show and encourages working actors, artists and musicians to voluntarily dedicate their time and talent to children who are battling serious medical conditions. Works in the installation will include those by Shepard Fairey, Gregory Siff, James Georgopoulos, Curtis Kulig, Bert Rodriguez, Cole Sternberg and David Arquette.


War Memorial, oil on linen with carved frame, 2009, by Bruce Richards will be exhibited with Jack Rutberg Fine Arts.

Jack Rutberg Fine Arts has extended its significant show, “Letters from Los Angeles: Text in Southern California Art,” into January and will hold an L.A. Art Show edition of the exhibition. On Friday, Jan. 25 at 4pm Jack Rutberg hosts a panel discussion on how L.A. is identified with text, showcasing works by Bruce Richards and other acclaimed artists.

More panels at the L.A. Art Show include Joys of Collecting and To Live and Paint in L.A. 


Artwork by Katsu Ishida was a standout at Aqua Art Fair Miami in Dec. 2012.

At Aqua Art Fair in Miami last month, Systema Gallery exhibited works by Katsu Ishida: compelling mixed media paintings on paper hand-made by the artist. Find the Osaka, Japan gallery in the Project Spaces of the L.A. Art Show.

L.A. Art Show
Jan. 23-27, 2013
L.A. Convention Center
South Hall J and K

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