TILT Creates Visual Feast at Fabien Castanier

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One of the most glorious phrases in the English language–all you can eat–took on an artistic spin this past Saturday night as artist Fabien Castanier Gallery opened graffiti artist TILT‘s show bearing those beautiful words. Featuring hot dogs, tacos, ice cream and more made of bubble graffiti letters, “All You Can Eat” proved a bona fide visual feast for your eyes–and it helped that there was a hot dog stand right outside if you got hungry.

When I spoke to TILT for my CARTWHEEL piece, he stressed the importance of staying close to his graffiti roots and that came through loud and clear in the show. Not only could you witness his skill with letters in his food works but another room showed his spray can chops in a time lapse video. That room contained strictly black and white pieces that strayed from the main theme but remained faithful to TILT’s artistic values.

Outside that room, two small video screens continued the black and white scheme; named Endless Obsession (white) and Endless Obsession (black), the videos made it clear that while TILT can execute colorful pieces on canvas, he can work just as well–if not more impressively–with simply using those two most basic of pigments and spray cans.

This spray-can aesthetic carried through to TILT’s canvases because they used both spray paint and acrylic which made “All You Can Eat” equally accessible to graffiti scene fans and art aficionados. Los Angeles was lucky to have such a talented French artist travel to share his artworks in the show. As street art legends like SEEN and RISK walked through the gallery, it was clear I wasn’t alone in that thought.

Top: American Stomach

Fabien Castanier Gallery
12196 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City, CA 91604
(818) 748-6014

“All You Can Eat” runs until February 17


detail, Hot Dog


Hot Dog


American Stomach


visitor watching TILT video


TILT signing a visitor’s blackbook


Ice Cream 2 watercolor


detail, Taco




detail, Flop Drip


Left to right: Endless Obsession (black), Endless Obsession (white)


Left to Right: SEEN and TILT


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