Artful Shoes at the LA Art Fairs

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While all eyes were riveted on the walls at last week’s LA Art Show and Art Los Angeles Contemporary, there was something artful to be seen by glancing down at the floor between gazing at art. Here are just a few of the more artful pairs of shoes observed on spectators at the two fairs:


Sculptural platform shoes – Clara Berta, Los Angeles Mixed Media Artist at LA Art Show


Vintage saddle shoes from the 1980s – Alexis Berman


Another take on saddle shoes – Magician Fantastic Fig performs slight of foot at the LA Art Show


Black Bow platforms – Sophie Dove at the LA Art Show


Over the knee boots – Guy Simard, Simard Bilodeau Galerie, at the LA Art Show


A refined pair of brogues – Jennifer Kellen, Director Ace Gallery at ALAC

Top Image: Painterly platform shoes – Kelly Berg, Los Angeles painter at ALAC


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