CARTWHEEL Preview: One Night Only! “Under Construction” Group Mural/Graffiti Show

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The night of his opening at Coagula, Gronk and his friend Tanner Goldbeck told me about this amazing tree that was growing through cement in an abandoned building downtown, it somehow found enough dirt for its root and is absorbing moisture through the empty elevator shaft.  Gronk excitedly called it the “Little Tree that Could.” That tree is just one of the stars in Under Construction, a one night only show February 16 at 353 S Broadway where Eyeone, Kozem, GronkAdict, ACME, Richard McDowell, Owen, EricBMW, Codak, Swank, Vyal, Lawrence Mota and Tanner are providing a rare opportunity to dig into the downtown renovations and meet up with artists painting and paying rent in L.A.

The fourth floor of the building has been transformed into a street art gallery. Attendees should wear flat shoes: Under Construction is up four flights of stairs and there is no elevator. Check out these photos from Tanner showing the works in progress.

And a polite reminder to freelance graffiti enthusiasts: Please respect the building and the art.

Under Construction
353 S. Broadway
Los Angeles 90013
One night only February 16, 6pm-10pm
Enter through the back door, located in the parking lot next to La Cita. Lot has entrances on Hill and on 4th.

Building before mural was removed

The location originally featured a large mural by Johanna Poethig

building under construction

For renovations the mural was removed.


Building’s facade


The empty walls beckon.


A painted wonderland emerges.

detail of adict

Detail of Adict (top image)

adict detail2

Adict, detail

kozem with own painting in bg

Kozem, foreground; Owen painting in background.

gorg at work

Gorg painting.


Gorg’s mural

gronk at work

Gronk at work.


Gronk, detail.


Gronk piece on rooftop.








Owen and Eyeone



tanner sketch

Tanner’s sketch for mural


Tanner’s completed mural

exterior at night tree

The building at night, with the little tree that could shining brightly.


All photos courtesy of Tanner Goldbeck.

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