Andy Chair by Evo Love

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Title: The Andy Chair

Artist: Evo Love

Dimensions: 24 in. x 14.5 in.

Medium: Mixed media

Details: This piece is a prime example of Evo Love’s ability to dive deep into a fascinating mind. Built on a 1950s-schoolhouse-chair-reimagined-as-an-altar, because the chair symbolizes “sitting down and learning something,” Evo Love transforms the life of Andy Warhol into a display of animals, soup cans, secrets and affinities that belonged to the art icon. There’s Andy himself, in the center with a soup can in hand, and his name emblazoned on the top of the chair along with a film strip nodding to his final days as a filmmaker. “A lot of people might not know this, but Andy loved to wear a really expensive jeweled necklace under his turtlenecks. Jewels are wrapped around his neck on the altar in reference to that secret,” explains the artist. She also calls attention to his large taxidermy collection and favorite artwork subjects, from skulls to bottled Perrier. Evo explains: “There was also a new culture being born from hip hop and pop music, artists, DJs, breakdancers, celebrities and drugs: a club culture that birthed Studio 54 and club kids. I believe Andy embraced it.”

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