The Gypsy and the Werewolf by Evo Love

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Title: The Gypsy and The Werewolf

Artist: Evo Love

Dimensions: The Gypsy: 40 in. tall x 14 in. wide x 6 in. deep

Medium: Mixed media

Details: In her relationship series, Evo Love’s assemblages of The Gypsy and The Werewolf represent that of herself and her husband, or any romantic partnership, really, in which we become reflections of the one we love. “In all relationships we’re engaged in, we are a mirror of each other,” says the artist, who uses representations of classic black-and-white Dracula and Werewolf films of the 1950s to connect myth and mystery with reality. A closer look reveals that the dolls’ compartments are similar, but not exact. Evo explains: “Each box in the doll isn’t exactly the same because, even while there can be a lot of compatibility between two people, there are also things that keep us unique. The boxes in each doll represents a part of a person’s personality — beliefs, hobbies, culture and history — that is unique and compatible.” It’s the perfectly un-perfect reflection of love.


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