“Lust Letters” Celebrates Sex and Text at Coagula

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“Lust Letters,” Coagula Curatorial‘s sweet and  smutty Valentine to Los Angeles opened Saturday night just as crowds were leaving the confetti covered streets of Chinatown, post-Year of the Snake Gong Hey Fot Choy parade. Tim Youd’s wall of retyped prose from Anais Nin’erotica hung across from Bruce Richards’ poignant odes to love. Gaijin Fujita’s NSFW Doggie Style combined Ed0 eroticism with graffiti, and Erika Rawlings handcrafted heart shaped commentaries on modern love led to the basement, where the artist sat creating custom pieces.


Anais Nin wrote commissioned porn for a dollar a page for a collector.

Youd’s yards of erotica inspired by Nin awaits its own collector.

Tim Youd’s wall of Nin


Bruce Richards


Bruce Richards, Gamble


Bruce Richards, Washington’s Dilemma


Bruce Richards Painting for Flowers titled for the show Birds & Bees Study; Hummingbirds, also called chupparosa, are traditional symbols of love.


detail of above


Bruce Richards, Fox Fire. Fox fire is the phosphorescent light given off by decayed wood.



Due to the sensitive nature of this sculpture’s subject matter, Young Pinocchio by Bruce Richards is not on display and should be asked for by name, along with the the equally lovely First Thought and Eve’s Apple

Gaijin Fujita, Doggie Style Trust us, there’s more to be seen in person. Impressively so.







Collector Kathy waits for her custom piece.














This guy is only seen at the best openings. Always.


Curators Joan Aarestad and Mat Gleason


A sidecar says love.

Top image: Bruce Richards, Between Night and Day

“Lust Letters”
Through March 22
Coagula Curatorial
977 Chung King Way
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Open Wednesday-Saturday, noon-5pm and by appointment

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  1. Maggie Navarro
    February 19, 2013

    Sorry Ralph and I missed your event. It looked fabulous!


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