“Tarot: Art of Fortune” at Modern Eden Gallery, Curated by Warholian’s Michael Cuffe

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The tarot  inspired curator Michael Cuffe of Warholian Art to assemble this groups show; each artist was asked to re-imagine their favorite card from a standard deck, card from the Rider Waite deck, and the results are hanging at Modern Eden through April 6, 2013. Some works honored the traditional meanings of the indivudiual cards  in  Rider-Waite deck, while other artists took a more liberal and personal interpretation. Regardless of tradition or meaning, each artist made their card their own, in media not limited to strictly painting and drawing. Included also were neon, sculpture, and assemblage.

“Tarot: Art of Fortune”
Modern Eden Gallery & Warholian Art in Pictures
403 Francisco Street San Francisco, CA
March 16 thru April 9, 2013
Open Tuesday- Saturday 10pm-6pm



Alex Huxley, The Hierophant

John Wentz, The Emperor


Strength, The Hanged Man and Wheel of Fortune interpreted by Steve Javiel, Brenton Bostwick, and Christopher Jernberg respectively.


Academy of Art University student Sakura S checks out Peter Adamyan’s Hogtying Justice and Jane Kenoyer’s Queen of Wands


Knight of Wands, Leon Loucheur


The element of the Swords is Air, which associates them with character, principles, communication and intellect. In the foreground “Ace”, Alex J. Valadez’ interpretation of the Ace of Swords.



Eight of Pentacles, Joshua Coffy


Surfer/AV engineer Thomas Patrick hits the shark infested waters of SF with his  board almost daily, and relished the opportunity to explore the Lovers and the Moon at Modern Eden.



St Patrick’s day festivities started a day early this past weekend. These party goers stopped by the gallery before heading to a party in North Beach. They are admiring The Sun interpreted by Lyrica Glory.



Wands, or staves, represent movement and fire.



8 of wands: Foward Forward by Aoi Yamaguchi.



Page of Wands, sometimes called the Princess of Wands, by Rene Castro.


Adam Caldwell, The Fool

Adam Caldwell, The Fool

Top:  The Hermit Brett Flanigan used collage and gouache for the Hermit, assigned to the sign of Virgo, and the Hebrew letter yod.


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