PHOTOS: “Inside Out,” First of Three Coagula Curator’s College Shows

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Leah C. Dixon and Patrick Servedio took the plunge March 30 as the first of three groups to curate a show at Coagula Curatorial. Boldly diving into Mat Gleason’s storage, Leah and Patrick compiled a cohesive and well attended show. Next week Cindy Schwarzstein (full disclosure, CARTWHEEL’s publisher) and artist Gina Mead Howie put their curatorial skills to work with their show Yes” while on April 13th, artist Wini Brewer and (full disclosure, me) Lisa Derrick go at it with “13•4•13”

Here’s the rub: All of us could only use what Mat had on hand. We could not pull from our own collections, ask our friends to throw us that piece we love that hasn’t been shown yet, or work off of our lists of artists we know. Mat will be curating a show on April 20 with all the artists he has in his Pandora’s box of of an office.

Kudos to Leah and Patrick!

Coagula Curator’s College Continues
April 6 — “Yes” Cindy Schwarzstein and Gina  Mead Howie
April 13 — “13•4•13” Wini Brewer and Lisa Derrick
April 20 — Mat Gleason
Coagula Curatorial
977 Chung King Way

Top image: Roni Feldman



Tim Youd, Stu Rapeport, Antonio Mendoza, Roni Feldman, Stevie Love and Karen Karlsson were some of the artists in “Inside Out”


Joe O’Neill. Expect to see more of his work during the Curator’s Colleges shows.


Wini Brewer with her piece 533  More of Brewer’s work will be in at least one other Curator College show, and she is co-curating 13•4•13 with Lisa Derrick.


Vito Lorusso and Patrick Servedio


Anthony Mendoza, The Terror of Insignificance and a friend.



Karen Karlsson with her piece The Scars of Your Love


Stevie Love with her piece Event Horizon, Interior


Karen Karlsson, Leah C. Dixon, Stevie Love, Joe O’Neill


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