Beachwood/101 Photo Mural

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253296_10151659511240439_146418158_nThis meta-photo by an underground filmmaker and artist–who prefers to remain anonymous for now since he doesn’t feel like a visit from the graffiti police–is of a photo mural he shot at the location under the 101 at Beachwood, visible if you’re driving north.  To take it even further, his photo of the location shows another photo mural that was slapped up and has since disappeared. This photo is slated to be the cover of an upcoming rock album, but I am sworn to secrecy beyond that.
IMG_2189In this photo which I snapped this afternoon, you an see that the trash has been cleaned up at the location, a popular spot for wheat-pasting–there’s Everybody Loves Earl on the far right! The mural has already been creatively tagged on the sign post.

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