ArtPadSF 2013 VIP Opening, SFMOMA SECA Benefit

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I knew I would be having an artfully art-filled weekend at ArtPadSF when I saw that the exterior of Phoenix Hotel, decorate by Zio Ziegler of Wallspace. The VIP Preview on Thursday was a benefit for the upcoming San Francisco Museum of Modern Art SECA Art Award exhibition. SECA, Society for the Encouragement of Contemporary Art, brings together art enthusiasts, collectors, curators, and arts professionals through a variety of events that strengthen members’ knowledge of contemporary art. Founded in 1961, SECA began its award program six years later, and has since given awards to over 70 artists and provided hundreds of finalists a platform to speak about their practice. While SFMOMA undergoes expansion, the SECA Awards have moved beyond the traditional museum walls to commission works that will be placed throughout the Bay Area.
ArtPadSF  co-founder and executive director Chip Conley, ArtPadSF  (he’s the founder of Joie de Vivre Hospitality) and Maria Jenson, Founding Director of ArtPadSF had brought together forty national and international galleries showcasing new and emerging artists at the Phoenix Hotel. For the SFMOMA SECA benefit they created an evening designed to stimulate all the senses, adding to the immersive art experience. Synthpop and chillwave band Altars played, followed by a DJ set by Altars’ Bertie Pearson. The San Francisco Tsunami Swim Club–a gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and straight-friendly masters-level swim team–performed a synchronized swim in the Phoenix Hotel pool, and video artist Andrew Benson programmed an astounding array of visuals.  Taste buds were stimulated by Food for Thought‘s   conceptual-based concessions–they replicated the taste of “sun, sand, and sea” on mini surfboard styled sticks, debuting their flavor, “Belly Flop.”
The entertainment was grand, but really we came for the art; seeing art it this unique, intimate environment makes for a more intense connection, especially important with new and emerging art. This is just the first post about ArtPadSF–we have two more coming including a write up from Isabel Samaras!


Our host, Chip Conley, co-founder of ArtPadSF and founder of Joie De Vivre Hospitality.

media gathers



Michelle Blade, “The Aura of John Muir” Blade was 2010 SECA Award finalist.

Steve Zavaterro and Heather Marx, Partners with Marx and Zavattero Gallery space at ArtPadSF. Andrew Schoultz behind Heather. David Hevel to left of Steve

Steve Zavaterro and Heather Marx, Marx and Zavattero Gallery. Art, left to right: David Hevel, Andrew Schoultz.

Andrew Schoultz and son Apollo.

Andrew Benson, video artist who produced the evening’s art show projection.


Thought for Food offered conceptual-based concessions, replicating the taste of “sun, sand, and sea” on mini surfboard styled sticks, with their debut flavor, “Belly Flop.”


Speakers during Press Preview. left to right:
Chip Conley, Executive Producer of ArtPadSF and Founder of Joie De Vivre Hospitality
Andrew Benson, video installation Artist; Maria Jenson, Founding Director of ArtPadSF; Steve Seid, Video Curator, Pacific Film Archive; Heather Marx, Advisory Board Member and partner at Marx and Zavattero; Steve Zavattero, Advisory Board Member and partner at Marx and Zavattero; Danielle Grant, A&O Public Relations.


Joan McLoughlin of the McLoughlin Gallery, right, and ArtPadSF Advisory Board Director Peter Selz. He is Professor Emeritus of Art History at UC Berkeley, Founding Director of the Berkeley Art Museum and former Chief Curator of Painting and Sculpture at MoMA.


With Neil Young and Peggi Young.




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