Alex (DEFER) Kizu Talks Fabien Castanier’s HPM Project

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June 29 Fabien Castanier launches with a party in conjunction with CARTWHEEL at Daily Dose. Alex Kizu, aka DEFER is one of the artists–along with Chaz Bojorquez, JonOne, Mist, RERO, Risk, Smash 137, Speedy Graphito, and Tilt-participating in Fabien’s latest venture: HPM stands for hand-painted multiple, where each piece is designed, hand-pulled, and individually painted by the artist. This process offers both the unique hand-painted quality of an original, while still being part of an exclusive collection.

A founding member of the respected crews K2S & STN, Alex  has been an integral part of the Los Angeles street art scene since the mid-1980. He is well known for expertly rendering beautifully complex letter-forms, which reflect is grafitti background and the many layers of  cultures in Los Angeles. Alex gave us some insight into the hand-pulled multiples,  a series of eight, that he created for HPM Project:

The template for the screens were hand painted, but I have never worked with Khadi paper before so I had no idea what its unique qualities were. But when I finally started to paint on the surface, I was amazed at how thick and sturdy the paper was – it was ideal for painting on. I usually paint originals on canvas and panels. So having one set image running through the whole series was a little different for me. Although when it came to hand painting each individual print – the process was the same, brush to surface.

Alex explained the growing popularity of hand-pulled multiples:

I think they are growing in popularity because although they are multiples, each and every HPM is uniquely hand painted – which gives each print its own original qualities. The artist is involved with each and every print.

Saturday’s launch party for will showcase the unique hand-pulled works of the artists, several of who will be joining the festivities at the Daily Dose inthe heart of the Downtown Los Angeles Art District. Please join us! Launch Party in conjunction with CARTWHEEL
Daily Dose
1820 Industrial Street #260
Los Angeles, CA 90021
(213) 281-9300

Top photo: Kizu at work on this hand-pulled multiples

Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 7.46.59 PM

Alex Kizu, HPM Project, 7/8

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