Cacophony at The Vista: “Into The Zone” LA Premiere

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On June 20th, as part of an Evening of Cacophony featuring a multi-media three-ring over-the-edge book release and signing event for the Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society book at La Luz de Jesus Gallery (where interested locals can find a copy), filmmaker Jon Alloway’s Into the Zone, the Story of The Cacophony Society made its debut Los Angeles screening at midnight in front of an enthusiastic and colorful crowd at the Los Feliz / Silver Lake landmark Vista Theater.


Into the Zone… is a fast-pace and flowing documentary that follows the Cacophony Society’s evolution from the San Francisco Suicide Club, the formation and hijinks of the San Francisco Cacophony Society, the creation of the Burning Man Festival, the formation and further absurd exploits of the Los Angeles Cacophony Society, and touches on Cacophony in other cities. The footage comes from numerous sources and gives the watcher a cohesive look at the Society (one which YOU may already be a member of!)

Filmmaker Jon Alloway discovered the Cacophony Society via their brightly colored printed newsletters which he found during the early ‘90s at Mondo Video, a lunatic fringe store in Los Feliz where many a Los Angeles weirdo spent their time browsing the incredibly large and unusual selection of videos, unavailable elsewhere at the time.

The Cacophony Society had a major impact on Alloway’s life. He felt that Cacophony was a very cinematic experience that  would make for an excellent subject, one to which he could devote the necessary time to make a film.


Alloway screened the film in Santa Ana at last year’s Cacophony Society museum show at Grand Central and in European and Australian festivals. It was clear that Los Angeles loves Cacophony: A large crowd of friends, former Cacoponists, and curiosity seekers formed a line that curved around the block, and enjoyed or even participated in sidewalk antics from Cacophony Klowns while waiting for the the theater to open. Once inside, attendees were treated to the sounds of Into the Zone music composer Evo Plum and the Ebola Orchestra who supplied the perfect Cacophony soundtrack with a set of progressive-meets-nightmare-circus instrumentals.

For trailers, upcoming screenings and more, check out the film’s website




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