Hollywood: Utility Boxes Become Art

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The other day I was driving up Bronson Avenue and saw two people painting a phone company utility box in vibrant reds and gold. (This is why I carry a camera in the car at all times.)  Artists Novei Beige and Eliot Oxander were painting the AT&T phone utility box on Bronson’s east side, just a feet south of Franklin as part of a semi-official project to prevent random tagging. One day while walking, Novei was approached by local business’ security guard who asked if she knew any artists. Novei replied that she was one, and the guard asked if she would like to paint the phone box. (Seriously, those things are ugly; that greyish-green color is depressing).

Eliot, a musician and artist who also lives in the neighborhood, saw Novei painting and he joined her, creating the black and gold  designs along the sides and top of the box. Their work inspired Brandon, who works at The Oaks Gourmet Market  across the street to paint the phone box at the entrance to Gelson’s on Bronson. He asked Novie about it, and then began his playful piece which refers to the pleasure of food, appropriate since the box is across from the The Oaks which does a great grilled cheese night. While Brandon worked he carried with him email from an AT&T official giving him permission to paint the box. (I have tried to contact the T&T manager involved in the project but he hasn’t gotten back to me. I’ll keep on him and hopefully, I’ll have some “how to” info for artists who want to beautify their neighborhood). What a great idea to have artists paint these utility boxes and seal them with resin as lasting works of art.


Novie Beige and Eliot Oxander with Novei’s piece.


Oxander’s sides and top are painted with a variety of symbols.


Brandon who works at The Oaks in Victor’s Square on Bronson Ave painted the AT&T utility box across the street by the Gelson’s entrance.


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