Art Walk: Pilates & Arts Echo Park

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Located close to downtown LA,  Echo Park has experienced a hipster and pseudo-hipster influx over the past few years, along with a new development of townhouses on Echo Park Blvd., but it still retains its funky vibe. Echo Park Blvd., the main street of this enclave, is lined with small shops, cafes, and service businesses including an edgy hair salon and a gas station.  Just a short walk a little further up on the right, a bright green gate that marks sculptor Peter Shire‘s  studio. (Shire and his brother Billy–the founder of  La Luz de Jesus Gallery/Soap Plant whose vision shaped and transformed aesthetics and culture in Los Angeles–grew up in Echo Park).

The lime-painted metal gate is the also the landmark that lets you know you’ve reached Pilates & Arts Echo Park, a fully equipped Pilates and exercise studio/art gallery that hosts four to five shows featuring local artists a year, as well as live drawing classes. Owner/curator Tannis Kobrinsky is an internationally known mind-body movement expert, and a 15 year resident of Echo Park; her goal was to create a mixed-use space that celebrates the creative spirit in mind, body and spirit, and serves as a gallery, cultural salon, and workshop space, as well as place to get your butt lifted, arms shaped, and core strengthened. And it’s certainly soothing and inspiring during classes to see art rather than just blank walls or myself in the mirror (in other words, full  disclosure, I take classes there).

The current show, “Hot, Hot, Hot” is up through the end of September, and includes a work by Tannis’ family, artisst Wilma Korbrinsky and Peter Kobrinsky.  The monthly life drawing class is taught by David Lambert. The next class is September 29 from 3pm-6pm. Call the studio, (323) 913-9460, or email to visit the gallery when classes are not in session. Pilates and Arts EchoPpark also holds opening and closing receptions, check our calendar for more details.

TOP: Blue Madonna, Wilma Kobrinksy

DSC00191At the Window,  Katsu  Yokoyama

DSC00193After the Flood, Lisa Workman

DSC00196Crossing New Mexico, Erin Gafill

DSC00207Camo, Chris Busch

DSC00221Snake series, Sue Blanchard


DSC00200Rolling Stone series, Nate Scoble

1001695_487936237960769_325066969_n (1)Angel on Glass, Eric Staniford

DSC00208  The Tub, Christopher A. Sweeney

IMG_5056Peter Shire sculpture outside the building that houses his studio, Pilates & Arts Echo Park, and Yogala

photo  Shire’s sculptures

IMG_5058Murals add to the building’s artistic pedigree. Make sure you pay attention the No Parking signs!

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