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So the Echo, Brandon Boyd’s third book of artwork and writings, takes its name from the proverb

As the call, so the echo

Since childhood Boyd was called to draw, carrying with him a sketchbook, a habit that he brought with him into adulthood, where his notebooks became repositories for both his art and his lyrics. So The Echo take this even further, incorporating photographs, paintings, poetry and creative writings that take  readers through a five year journey of self-discovery and exploration of both inner and outer worlds.  Boyd, the frontman and guitarist for the band Incubus, has been exploring those worlds not only through art, but also through solo recordings; his  second solo album Sons of the Sea comes out September 24.

The phrase “so the echo” can also be seen as literal reference to Boyd’s ink and watercolor work which often contain images that mirror each other or contain dual aspects.  Included as well are images from  “Ectoplasm,” the first exhibition of his visual works,along with photos of Boyd’s studio and the artist at work.  Boyd, a dedicated activist,  has donated many pieces to various charitable organizations, include The Karma Underground,  and TJ Martell Artworks for the Cure, and his concern for the world is evident in his photography, paintings and writings.
So the Echo is takes the reader deep into Boyd’s psyche and through the creative process as he answers the call from both the universe and from within. Brandon Boyd will be signing So the Echo,  Wednesday, September 18, 5pm – 8pm at Bookmarc, in West Hollywood,.

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boydShana Nys Dambrot, Brandon Boyd, CARTWHEEL’s CIndy Schwarzstein. In her foreword to So the Echo, Dambrot references Carl Sagan, Terrance McKenna, Henry David Thoreaux, Aubrey Beardsley, Leonardo  da Vinci, and Carl Jung  as she explores the art’s “eloquent simplicity and seductive complexity.”


Brand Boyd signing So the Echo
Wednesday, September 18, 5pm – 8pm
BOOKMARC 8407 Melrose Place
Los Angeles, CA 90069

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