Designer Con 2013 Setup and Preview Photos

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Designer Con is the ultimate art-toy-sculpture-apparel-collector fest, and this year all involved are thrilled that event promoters Ayleen Gaspar and Ben Goretsky have added a day to the event, officially turning it into a weekender!

I dropped by the Pasadena Convention Center Friday afternoon and snapped some photos of a few Designer Con vendor setups, some of the marvelous plush and plastics along with The Sucklord and pals getting ready for what promises to be the best Suckathon yet, including the “Gorilla Nut Grab” of which I’m not going to explain to you here– you NEED to come to the show for the experience. Let’s just say that Sucklord and pals have prizes for you…



Mallo Able munny from Urban Vinyl Daily


Scaleybug by Shane Khor from Circus Posteurs




Mniuks by Frank Kozik and Mishka from Kid Robot



Wool Buddy R2 by Jackie Huang

Shark Bites  by Cody

Crazy Tommy from K13 Toys

Paul Frank prepping his Park La Fun booth


Evil Fett, glow in the dark figure – edition of 200 by Chris Santoro from 3d Retro


 Juan Muniz, who has a show opening at La Luz de Jesus in December 2013




One of a kind figures by Squarefrog (also one-of a kind blind boxes!)


Get Ready for Gorilla Nut Grab! Paul and Sucklord plan their event…

N.C Winters one-of-a-kind sculptures

A Luke Chueh sculpt

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