“True Love Stories” at Guy Hepner: The Connor Brothers First Solo Show in U.S.

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Internationally celebrated artists, twins Brendan Connor and Franklyn Connor, are essentially,

“…just trying to make sense of the world.”

Using astute observation and sharp humor, Connor Brothers present a unique perspective on both late 20th century and modern culture. Their work is steeped in pop culture and historical and literary references, born out of their startling background, and colored by their only discovering American culture in the last decade.

The Conner Brothers’ story  reflects a dark side of America and its Utopian ideals. The twins, Franklyn and Brendan, now in their twenties, were born into and raised in “The Family,” a religious cult whose leader, David Berg, preached and practiced  a fanatical, perverse form of Christianity. This secretive sect, which at one point had included actors Joaquin Phoenix, the late River Phoenix and their family, deprived members from any access to the outside world. The Connor twins’ perspective of life was purely informed by their religiously isolated environment, their understanding of life based upon the teachings of ‘The Family” and their relationship with other members. Until the brothers made the decision that it was time for a radical change.

After a childhood of being cut off from society, the sixteen year old Connor twins escaped The Family, hopping freight trains and riding the rails for years before settling down in Brooklyn. While the brothers at first found their new life to be overwhelming, their ability to absorb waves of information kept them grounded, but still didn’t satisfy their voracious curiosity about the world around them, full astounding newness. They developed techniques to process and analyze the onslaught of information.  Studying independently and learning separate information they would then share their discoveries with each other through their notebooks and sketchpads. It was by this process that the Connor brothers began creating their art together.

A series of group shows brought the Conner Brothers to art world awareness, culminating in their sold-out London show earlier this year. “True Love Stories” opening November 21, 2013 and running through December 5 at Guy Hepner, marks their first US solo show. Each piece, created using vintage romance novels, is a humorous and irreverent look at (ostensibly) heteronormative couplings. But viewed as whole  “Tue Love Stories” presents a disturbing critique of contemporary American culture where conversations reverberate with cognitive dissonance, and internal dialog is  self-absorbed and narcissistic.

Guy Hepner Gallery presents “True Love Stories,” the Connor Brothers’ first solo exhibition in Los Angeles,  with an opening reception November 21, 2013, from 6pm to 9pm.  “True Love Stories” runs through December 5 during regular gallery hours.

The Conner Brothers, “True Love Stories”Guy Hepner
300 Robertson Ave.
West Hollywood, CA 90048
Open Tuesday through Saturday, 9:30am to 5:30pm


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