Preview: Krampus at Copro “Naughty or Nice”

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And again I’ve been debating how to approach CARTWHEEL story because (full disclosure) there are some rather full disclosure of me in Louie Metz’s Krampus painting that will be part of the Krampus Art Show, Naughty or Nice opening Saturday. Now granted, Louie is a gentleman, so he discreetly covered parts of me, but yeah, that’s me, supplicating to Krampus’ depraved desires. Actually there are three of me and a trio of Krampi (Krampuses?). And yes, they’re real.

There will be plenty of wild Yule time revelry to be had on opening night December 14 at Copro Gallery when “Naughty or Nice” opens at 8pm, even more when the Los Angeles Krampus Troupe begins their depraved, devilish performance in the Copro courtyard. Free beer from Austria’s Steigl Beer will just make matters merrier (please dress warmly, and don’t drink and drive!).

Here’s a look at some of the art that will be up, but as for Louie’s salacious work–you’ll just have to see it (and me) in person. Along with pieces by Anthony Ausgang, Sandow Birk, Tim Burton, Luke Cheuh, Travis Louie, Miso, Chet Zar, and forty other artists.

Krampus Art Show, Naughty or Nice
7pm to11:30pm
Copro Gallery, Bergamot Station
2525 Michigan St.
Santa Monica, CA

Top: James P. Scott

Krampus copro photo

Ryan Heshka


Ray Zar


James Naccarato


Bob Dob


Brian Smith

Balsam, J - In For The Night IMG_9249crSMJim Balsam

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