Preview, Photos! SID: Superman Is Dead, Dennis Morris Shepard Fairey at Subliminal Projects

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IMG_9369We got a special preview of “SID: Superman is Dead” at Subliminal Projects, where Dennis Morris and Shepard Fairey have collaborated on artwork depicting  Sid Vicious, the Sex Pistols legendary doomed bass player. Morris was the Sex Pistols’ tour photographer, and the work on exhibition includes collaborative paintings, photographs and prints of, and inspired by, Sid Vicious’ brief tenure as the Sex Pistols’ bassist.

Vicious’ short life has inspired several generations-kids still wear padlocked “Sid chains” around their necks–and Sid has been portrayed in films, made into actions figures, and screened onto tee shirts. His tragic end–facing trial for the alleged murder of his girlfriend Nancy Spungen, Sid overdosed on heroin–made him a symbol of punk rock, doomed youth, and dangerous choices.

Included is an installation based on the hotel bedroom Vicious (born Simon John Ritchie) trashed during the notorious S.P.O.T.S. (Sex Pistols On Tour Secretly) tour.

Later tonight, the opening reception will feature Ritchie Love, a once in a lifetime live musical homage to Sid His contemporaries from the original punk rock era–Sex Pistols guitarist/co-founder and Vicious bandmate Steve Jones, Generation X co-founder Billy Idol, Bow Wow Wow co-founder and early Adam & The Ants guitarist Leigh Gorman, and Blondie co-founder and erstwhile Ramones and Iggy Pop drummer Clem Burke–will play classics of the genre.

“SID: Superman Is Dead” is up through January 11. Call 213-213-0078 for gallery hours. Subliminal Projects in located at 1331 Sunset Blvd, in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.













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