LA Art Show 2014: Preview Photos, Coagula, Century Guild, Murals, and More!

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It’s not a sculpture, but rather some huge thing mover, used ot move many of the things I saw Tuesday when I went down to preview the LA Art Show during install. What a scene! And oh thank goodness for LA’s unofficial city food, the bacon wrapped hot dog, which was the fuel of necessity since the street vendors were the closest snack–there was nary kale shake or quinoa sprout sandwich to be found!

We did find Isabel Rojas-Williams busy installing “Will Los Angeles Reclaim Its Title  as the Mural Capital of the World?” CARTWHEEL is presenting a special guided tour of the Los Angeles Downtown Arts District murals  for LA Art Show guests which ties into the exhibition. Rojas-Williams also curated “Paris Women & Bicycles” a photo exhibit by former Los Angeles District attorney Gil Garcetti, the father of our current mayor, Eric Garcetti and will be leading discussions on both exbitions as part of the LA Art Show’s Dialog series.



After dodging forklifts and ladders, I ran into Thomas Negovan of Century Guild which is diagonally across from Coagula Curatorial. Century Guild is hanging contemporary works by Clive Barker and Gail Potocki, among others, plus they have a booth in the antique art section that include works on paper by Klimt and Mucha.

Coagula is presenting a selection of large abstract works, including Mark Dutcher, and Tim Youd will be doing a durational performance of Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep in their booth. Coagula and Century Guild are in the same aisle as many of the Littletopia  galleries, making this section of the fair the throbbingly edgy area.






IMG_6604A forklift leads me to the Century Guild


Century Guild’s Thomas Negovan next to Clive Barker for a sense of scale.


Gail Potocki takes a break by her work.


Mat Gleasson and Thomas Negovan. So glad two of my favorite galleries could meet.IMG_6601

Gleason with Leigh Salgado’s panties and Tim Youd.


IMG_4429Mark Dutcher and Matjames Metson at Coaguala



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