PUSH “Out of Line” Opens at Known Gallery

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Push, a Los Angeles-based artist, unveiled his latest body of work at Known Gallery on Fairfax. His exhibit, Out Of Line, displays a unique style of abstract and conceptual themes that empower him to ‘push’ outside the boundaries of basic fine art.

With roots in the Los Angeles graffiti scene, and a member of the Seventh Letter art collective, Push’s work has been influenced by the rhythms of the street. His bold black outlines look effortless, but each stroke has been skillfully painted. The artist’s disciplined handwork builds geometric shapes that generate high energy and serenity.

Push’s vivid colors and sharp edged abstractions are contrasted by his monochromatic pieces. His puzzle-like art keeps our eyes on the move by dismissing a focal point, easily enabling us to feel connected to each work of art.

At the Known Gallery  opening, fans of the artist’s linear paintings admired the work,  composed of vibrant colors that unleash the mind, taking it on a spontaneous journey filled with energy.

Push’s signature color patterns have created a twist in the art world by bringing strictly linear geometric shapes into the street. This is definitely an exhibit you don’t want to miss. See it for yourself at Known Gallery before it closes February 22nd.

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